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Mary Beth Lake has been the shelter manager for Seminole County Animal Services for 16 years. She has worked in the Animal Industry field since she was 18 yrs old, starting out in horses and dogs. She has also been in rescue since she was a teenager.

Mary Beth has put both Obedience and Breed titles on her dogs. She acquired her first Whippet in 1988 and actively bred and showed Whippets up until 3 years ago. Due to the economy and her shelter job, she retired from both.

Presently she has 7 Whippets ranging in age from 6 to 15 yrs young. She also has 2 shelter dogs and a porch full of foster kittens. Mary Beth has owned and showed Dobermans, Labradors and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Mary Beth says, "I fell in love with Whippets many years ago and will always have a Whippet. This is my forever breed."

Mary Beth Lake