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Chris Rehm is a founding member who resides in Key West, Florida with his two whippets, Cajun and Tooloulou.

Chris Rehm was first introduced to whippets with his first dog, which he adopted when he was 25, Chelsea. Chelsea was actually a mix of a whippet and some sort of unknown terrier and was adopted through the Miami SPCA. Chelsea was fast as lightning and a full time family member, often stealing Chris’ seat as he rose to get up out of the easy chair. She was adopted at six weeks and on the first night there a little bed was made for her, next to her parent’s bed. Chelsea didn’t stay there for one second. As soon as Chris got into bed, she jumped up and went directly under the covers. In time, Chris learned that both the seat thief and going under the covers were two traits typical to all whippets, even in this case, a half whippet. Chelsea passed at fourteen.

As a tribute to Chelsea and a period of mourning, Chris next obtained a full blood whippet out of Louisiana, Au Lait. Au Lait also stole seats and burrowed under the covers. This whippet was in the right home alright!  After three years Au Lait had a litter of nine whippets. Two of these whippets were kept, JoCo, named after Chris’ cousin Joe Connolly, who always called the late Chelsea “The Queen” and always asked Au Lait, “Oh. You’re still a dog?” and Break Out (a.k.a. BO), who was the first to scamper out of the puppy pen.

Au Lait had a second litter of ten. On this litter Chris had the great pleasure of meeting and placing one of the second litter with Craig and Nicole Papoon, whom they named Loki. Shortly after this, the remaining members of the litter were placed with David and Regina Howton, who were the Florida representatives of Whippet Rescue. Of course to this day, David and Regina Howton, as well as Craig and Nicole Papoon are involved in Whippet Rescue!

Au Lait, JoCo, and BO lead fantastic and rewarding lives, bring happiness and love to all that they met. A favorite pastime were the Whippet races they held spontaneously in the back yard of their south Florida home.

The hardest part of having any dog is the point when you have to say good-by. These three whippets all passed in one year increments of each other. A move to Key West afterwards and several months later, Chris stumbled across David and Regina Howton’s web site virtually by chance one evening, who were now in Georgia. After contacting them, it turned out that the kennel Chris obtained Au Lait from had closed and they had two pups that needed homes. David and Regina made arrangements so that Jonathan Hart could bring them down on a trip he was making up to Georgia.

Enter Cajun and Tooloulou. Two Cajun Whippets anointed with Cajun names, growing up in the Conch Republic capital of Key West, in the Florida Keys.

This August will mark thirty years of Whippets in Chris Rehm’s life!  How cool is that????

Chris Rehm